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June - September 2013

The School of Library Archives and Documentation Studies is pleased to announce courses which will be conducted during June –September 2013. The courses are meant to impart skills to participants for efficiency and effectiveness in performance and information dissemination to actual and potential users in the context of value for money.


Course 1:  Development Management, Sustainability and use of School/College Libraries

Course Objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of the strategic importance of library and information centres in Schools and Colleges of education
  • To impart skills to participants on the design and development of library and information centres for effective learning and teaching processes in the education sector.
  • To acquaint participants with strategic skills and competences for effective management of education libraries (School and college).

Eligibility:   School/ College librarians, Teachers and Teacher librarians from government and private Schools and Colleges (and all other interested parties).

Course contents:

         The Concept of teaching and learning in schools and colleges

         Libraries as resources for information, knowledge and research

         School libraries and the concept of Learning Resource Centres

         Libraries in curriculum implementation

         The Management of libraries in schools

         Use of  IT in information processing, storage and delivery in schools/colleges

         Qualities and competencies of a School/College librarian/ Teacher librarian.

Duration: 24 - 28 June 2013

Deadline for applications: 21 June 2013

Fees:  350,000/- per participant

Venue: School of Library Archives and Documentation Studies - Bagamoyo


Course No 2.  Indexing of newspaper and periodical articles for effective information dissemination: the ICT perspective

Objectives: To equip participants with the basic skills and knowledge of:

         Indexing of newspaper and Journal articles using special programmes

         Exploring the various programmes suitable for information searching, processing, repackaging and delivery

         Introducing participants to principles of evaluating electronic databases

         To acquaint participants with principles of pro-active information dissemination

Eligibility: All those who work in library or information centres (archives and records centres inclusive)

Course Contents:

         ICT as a tool for information processing, storage and delivery

         Indexing of newspaper and periodical articles using ABC  and CDS/ISIS

         Principles underlying the developing of descriptors as tools for Retrieval of documents and information

         Resource mobilization and In-house production of information materials

         An overview of Open Access Journal and Databases

         Resource sharing in the IT age.



12 -16 August 2013

Venue: The School of Library Archives and Documentation Studies (SLADS)

Fee: Tsh. 350,000/- per participant to cover tuition, midmorning tea and refreshments. 

Deadline for applications: 09 August 2013

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Further enquiries: Tel. 255 23 2440101 or email:


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